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Compact discs have feelings too

Nathan Tasker

To celebrate the new album officially going to print (this week!) I thought I'd share the packaging artwork with you, masterfully done by Chris at Stereotonic.

This is a birds-eye, flattened-out look at the packaging before it gets folded and shrink-wrapped and sent to you (because you're so excited and pre-ordered yourself a copy!)

I really enjoy the process and outcome of well designed album artwork, despite the current age of digital downloads that places less emphasis on the entire package. It's exciting and refreshing to hand the project over to another creative and see what they come-up with to match the music we've created. (AND to save me from my own lame design ideas… creative community is a blessing.)

Chris was awesome to work with, patient, quick and (as you can see) an all-round great designer. He also created the new header and logo on this website. 

We hope you like what you see, as much as what you hear, after adding "Man On A Wire" to your collection of rare compact discs. 

Onward, Nate.