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The pressure of a name

Nathan Tasker

You would probably laugh at and mock the weeks (potentially months!) spent in discussion here at Porter Rd. over the naming of my new album.

Deciding on "Theo" as the name for our baby boy is perhaps the only other naming decision that has taken so much searching, brainstorming & debating. Mealtimes, touring times, middle of the nighttimes… My wife & I have thrown around endless possibilities, from the (logical) song line, to the (illogical) unrelated imaginings!

It's a sign of my love for this new record and desire for it to be received well, with impact and meaning. I want it's message to be heard and connected with in it's entirety - the highest mountaintop to the lowest valley. I don't want it to be dismissed as being about a single idea, one color in the spectrum, but instead the complete, beautiful, heartbreakingly broken and magnificent picture that this journey is. 

See! I can't event condense the description down to a concise point. I'm in trouble friends... 

If that feels like a major build-up for a single album title, you're probably correct. Most definitely so. I fear you'll be disappointed. It's nothing ground breaking, but it is true.

Man On A Wire.

Out November 4, 2014