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New album musings

Nathan Tasker

If you've headed here to read my latest blog post, welcome.

If you've jumped over from my recent email news, thanks for making the leap. 

While we all patiently await the release of "Man On A Wire" and the ear candy it promises, I thought the least I could do is share what's behind some of the new songs.

So here goes! Beginning at the beginning...

"For our present troubles produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them, and will last forever!" 2 Corinthians 4:17 NLT

I have often thought that singing and speaking to a gathered group of people can be a scary prospect, especially if you desire to share your life with honesty and integrity... we all have things that are safer hidden away - doubts, fears, sorrows - but life is made up of these alongside the little victories and the moments of sacred but fleeting joy. Sharing the whole breadth and depth of life is how we also experience the whole breadth and depth of the love and grace of God.

There seem to be two important promises within the gospel that define the life of those who would follow Jesus. Firstly, the “full life” (promised in John 10:10) involves not the removal of doubt, fears, sorrow but rather a deeper engagement with them and ultimately a deeper understanding of kingdom living in light of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. The second promise is that one day all of these things will be wiped away, never to be needed again. It is vitally important for balancing the pain that can (and will) befall those who follow the Man of Sorrows. And the love of God that sustained us and carried us through will ultimately last into eternity.

It’s a balancing act, or at least I’ve found it to be so in my life... sometimes swaying back and forward on the journey, but all the while pressing on toward the author and perfecter of our faith, Jesus Christ. It can be a scary thing to step out onto that narrow path, but true Life is found nowhere else. 

Onward, Nate.