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Happy Release Day

Nathan Tasker

Purchase "Man On A Wire" Physical CD : Nt Store

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Nov 4th is here! "MAN ON A WIRE" is officially out and into the world and I hope you love what you hear.

I pray these songs, and the stories behind them, find a place in your walk through this world, and provide hope & solidarity when the journey seems long. 

And please, tell your friends / family / local barista about "Man On A Wire" - your help in spreading the word makes all the difference! Here are a few ways, made easy for sharing on twitter & facebook  -

The new @nathantasker album, "Man On A Wire" is out on iTunes!

"Man On A Wire" from @nathantasker is out!

My friend @nathantasker has a new album out.Get it!

I'm so grateful for your support and enjoyment of the music - Blessings, Nathan. 

"Man On A Wire" receives great first review :