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At the Close of Another Year

Nathan Tasker

I am writing this from a tour bus in Olive Branch MS, with Cinderella Man on TV, before getting ready to play the last concert for 2014. I can’t quite believe that in 3 days time Cass, Theo and I will be on a plane to Australia. It is currently 2 degrees Celsius outside (!), which only makes it all the more incongruous, as Australia hits the summer heat. We're really looking forward to time together as a little family after months of tour travel and album release busyness.

It has been a great year. And truly, as I type that, my heart is filled with gratitude for all the unexpected joy I’ve experienced during the past 12 months. Recent years have been a roller coaster ride of events and emotions that I had not planned or asked for, and there were some year’s that ended with an exhale and the thought “I’m glad that one is over”.

One of the reasons 2014 feels different is that all the songs I’ve written during the past few years, which chronicled my journey and especially God’s faithfulness throughout, were finally made into an album. And like a weight lifted from my shoulders, those stories have been sent out in to the world. I definitely underestimated the relief I'd experience as a result. 

That is not to say that I have dealt with every bit of sorrow or grief, or even hope and joy, from the past few years - it is more of a parenthesis than a full stop.

THANK YOU for walking with me, coming to the shows, buying my music and being an enormous encouragement and support throughout 2014. I count it a privilege that I get to do this work and share in it with great people around the world. 

I hope that this Christmas would be one of joy for you, no matter the season you find yourself in - that together we might remember the coming of Jesus! For He is the answer to our lament, to our hopefulness, to our need for forgiveness, to our longing for a true and everlasting Home.

Blessings, Nathan.

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